Memorials and Gifts

St. John’s Lutheran Church has for many years encouraged the remembrance of departed members through the donation of memorial gifts to St. John’s and other church uses.  These gifts can be monetary  gifts to fund special projects, augmentation of continuing funds, or physical amenities.

To guide this process and manage the funds and acquisition of projects; a Memorials and Gifts Committee was established about 30 years ago.  The structure and purpose of the Committee is defined in the Congregational By-laws.  The operating policies and practices are defined in a Manual, which is available from the Church Office.  The guiding principle of the Memorials and Gifts Committee is to ensure that gifts are used for the purpose designated by the donor or the family of those memorialized.

Attached is the Recommended Memorials List, which is approved by the Congregational Assembly.  It is a guide for donors identifying a purpose for a gift, and also assists the families of those memorialized when the gifts are un-designated by the donor.   Gifts can be made at any time and placed in the offering plate or mailed to the church office.

The most recent annual report of the Committee is attached.   It identifies those memorialized this past year, the purposes of the gifts and the funds available for use.

The Memorials and Gifts Committee is also responsible for monitoring and managing special non-memorial gifts.

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