Small Groups

-Looking to Connect With Others? 

-Looking to Grow Deeper In Your Faith? 

-Looking to Make A Difference?

Small Group Ministry is starting at St. John’s this January!
Small groups are a gathering of people in a certain place according to the scheduled day and time. St. John’s Small Groups are intended to be:

A place of Spiritual Growth through God’s Word

A place of Finding Strength for life’s struggles and Celebrating life’s blessings

A way to Connect Relationally with others.

Here at St. John’s, Group life will be based on the following framework:

SHARE LIFE: Group participants will share the high’s and low’s of each other’s lives.

GOD’S WORD: Group participants will read, discuss, apply the Bible.

PRAYER: Group participants will pray for themselves, group members and for anyone.

FELLOWSHIP: Group participants will gather outside of regular group gathering times at least once for fun and fellowship.

Email Mark Stapleton or call 708-354-1690.