Current Sermon Series

The Gospel According To David

King David is often portrayed as a spiritual giant, a great king and a caring shepherd. From writing beloved Psalms to conquering mighty enemies, David is often held up as a great example of faithful living. But when you look at the stories of David’s life, you see not an example of faithful living; you see a faithful God who gives David everything by His grace. In this series, “The Gospel According To David”, we will look at some of those stories and see that the Lord almighty was working in and through His sinful, chosen King, to make David an example of the glorious grace that He shows to all sinners. We will also see how the life of David ultimately points to God’s grace that He shows us in our true King, Jesus Christ, and His love, strength and power that He shows through His death and resurrection.

7/25-26/2020: Call of David as King

8/1-2: David & Goliath

8/8-9: David Spares Saul’s Life

8/15-16: David Dances Before the Ark

8/22-23: God’s Promise to Build a “House” for David

8/29-30: Nathan rebukes David