Upcoming Message Series

Resurrection Revelations:

Our Risen Lord Revealed From Now To Eternity

While our celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ happens on Easter, we still acknowledge that Jesus Christ is STILL “risen”, alive and well and “revealing” Himself to us even today.  But if we wanted to see our risen Lord and Savior “revealed” in the world and our lives today, where would we look? The book of Revelation! Within this book, our risen Lord is described in various ways, each way not only describing who Jesus is, but how He is working in the present day until the day He comes again. In this Easter series, “Resurrection Revelations”, we will be looking at how Jesus is “revealed” in many and various ways as His glorious reign is worked out in our day-to-day lives and gives us hope for His coming.


-4/23-24/2022: Resurrection Revelations: The Alpha and The Omega Revelation 1:8, 17-18

-4/30/2022-5/1/2022: Resurrection Revelations: The Lamb Who Reigns Revelation 5:12

-5/7-8/2022: Resurrection Revelations: The Shepherd Who Cares Revelation 7:17

-5/14-15/2022: Resurrection Revelations: The God Who Dwells With Us Revelation 21:3

-5/21-22/2022: Resurrection Revelations: The Lamp Who Shines Revelation 21:23

-5/28-29/2022: Resurrection Revelations: The Lord Who Comes Revelation 22:20