Upcoming Message Series

Amazing Grace Revealed:

Scenes Of God’s Grace In The Gospel Of Luke

Whenever we watch a movie or TV show, we are actually viewing a string of “scenes” that
make up the entire story. Each scene contains its own “mini-story” while, at the same time, revealing a
part of the one story being told. So what “story” is Luke telling through the Gospel he wrote? A story
about the amazing grace God shows us through His Son, Jesus Christ. In this series, “Amazing Grace
Revealed”, we will look at some of the unique and most beloved “scenes” in the Gospel of Luke. Even
though each “scene” tells its own story, each reveals the larger story of the Gospel of Luke: “The Son of
Man came to seek and save the lost.” Each “scene” of this incredible story will reveal a grace that is truly
amazing in so many ways…because it is a grace given to us by Jesus Himself, and shared through us to all

-6/18-19/2022: Grace That Forgives All Sin Luke 7:47-48

-6/25-26/2022: Grace That Shows Compassion Luke 10:25-37

-7/2-3/2022: Grace That Seeks The Lost Luke 15:7

-7/9-10/2022: Grace That Welcomes Home Luke 15:20

-7/16-17/2022: Grace That Exalts The Humble Luke 18:14

-7/23-24/2022: Grace That Multiplies Luke 19:8-9