Current Message Series


Examples from The Book of Daniel

It’s easy to stand on level ground…until an earthquake hits! It’s easy to stand up when no wind is blowing…until hurricane force winds beat against you! In other words, it’s easy to “stand” when nothing is against you…but not that easy when something is beating against you, trying to knock you down. This is true for those who are disciples of Jesus Christ. When we are baptized, when God brings us into His kingdom…a big target is hung around our neck. The devil, the world and our sinful flesh want us back…how can we “stand” strong in our faith? In this series, “Stand”, we will look at this lifelong conflict through the book of Daniel. Daniel and his friends were constantly tempted to reject their faith in the ever-living God when they suffered attacked from the foreign rulers and peoples they dwelled with. But the ever-LOVING God was their complete and total source of strength in face of such temptations. We can draw confidence through the stories and prophecies of Daniel for our own faith journey today. Our Savior, our Lord, our eternal King, Jesus Christ, has already done everything for our forgiveness, eternal life and salvation. He is the King that stands before us and with us, the crucified One risen from the dead, who now gives us everything as His people to face those who attack and tempt us to fall away. Because Jesus is risen and reigns, we can always STAND!


8/6-7/2022: Stand…Because You Stand Out  Daniel 1:1-16

8/13-14/2022: Stand…Because You Know The Mystery  Daniel 2:17-30

8/20-21/2022: Stand…With The One In The Fire  Daniel 3:13-27

8/27-28/2022: Stand…Firm In Your Faith  Daniel 6:14-24

9/3-4/2022: Stand…Because You Know How It Ends  Daniel 7:9-14