Current Message Series

Begins on April 3

Resurrection Encounters:

Where Our Risen Lord Meets Us In Our Life With Him

Christ is risen! He is risen, indeed! The Good News of the resurrection of Jesus Christ is the bedrock of our faith. But while the certainty of the resurrection drives our faith, hope and love, we experience it as Peter names it: “Though you have not seen Him, you love Him.” (1 Peter 1:8) That’s because our resurrected Lord has not left us alone; He comes to us in ways that show the power of His resurrection is present for us even now. In this Easter series, “Resurrection Encounters”, we will look at the many ways the resurrected Jesus promises to be with His people. In each of these “encounters”, we have the promise that the risen Lord is really present, strengthening our faith, deepening our hope and empowering our love for others.

4/3-4/2021 (Easter): Resurrection Encounter…in the Word of Promise

4/10-11/2021: Resurrection Encounter…in Our Faith

4/17-18/2021: Resurrection Encounter…in the Breaking of Bread

4/24-25/2021: Resurrection Encounter…in the Good Shepherd

5/1-2/2021: Resurrection Encounter…in the Fruit He Bears

5/8-9/2021: Resurrection Encounter…in the Church

5/15-16/2021: Resurrection Encounter…in the World