Lenten Midweek Sermon Series

Messages From the Martyrs

Jesus died for us, in our place, paying for our sins with His sinless life. Now He bids us to die for Him. In the course of Church history there have been some who literally gave their lives for Jesus. We call them “martyrs”- from the Greek word that means “witness.” While all of us are called to be Jesus’ witnesses, some gave the ultimate witness with their death. During this Lenten season we will devote our Midweek worship times to a consideration of some of these early Christian men and women who gave the supreme sacrifice for Christ in terms of their earthly life. We will learn their stories and consider the lessons they teach us about following Christ today.



Wednesdays, February 22 – March 29

 Chapel Service 8:10AM

Midweek Supper 6:00PM

Worship Service at 7:00PM