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“How can I pray for you?” This question is part of the fruitful conversation that stems from a living and active faith which is increasingly evident among the people of St. John’s. It is a question that we are asking more and more as we care for one another in our community of faith, and as we extend the love of Jesus with those we meet in the places where we live, work and interact each day.

The more we pray for God’s vision and guidance for the ministry He has given us, the more He opens our eyes to the needs of those around us, and opens doors for us to care for people in such a way that they meet His Son, our risen Savior, Jesus. Here are some of the settings which allow us to keep asking the question and keep the conversation going wherever the Lord sends us.

Prayer Ministers: After each worship service, some members of St. John’s Prayer Ministry team are available for anyone who would like to have someone pray for them personally. All conversation and prayer requests are kept strictly confidential. Look for Prayer Ministers in the front of the church on the left and right sides of the altar area.

Prayer Walks: For several years, men, women and children from our church and school go out to the streets of LaGrange, praying for our neighbors. This year, we have gone one step farther in our prayer walks. In addition to praying at the corner of each block, we deliver door hangers at each home, inviting people to share their prayer concerns with through our website. Prayer team members are always standing by to pray for the requests that come in.

Daily Prayer: This weekly publication inserted into the bulletin is a helpful guide for us to use at home. It provides an opportunity for our whole congregation to pray for our ministry, our ministry leaders, our world, the sick, those who mourn and those who rejoice. Many of the names that appear in this publication are not people we all know. They not only include members of St. John’s, but also the names of people each of us knows in our workplaces, families and neighborhoods. If you would like us to pray for you or someone you know, please fill out a prayer card located in the pew racks or contact the church office.

Personal Relationships: The most effective way to share the good news of Jesus and demonstrate His unconditional love and mercy is through the personal relationships we have. St. John’s is increasingly becoming known as a “praying church” because our members are asking the question “how can I pray for you?” of those they spend their time with outside these walls. It is the way God allows us to extend our reach and distribute His good gifts to those with physical, spiritual and emotional needs.

As we continue to seek our Lord’s direction and ask Him to help us grow as a house of prayer for all nations, (Luke 19:46) we will keep asking this question that He has put on our lips. And so we ask all who are with us today… “How can we pray for you?”

"My life has been transformed by being more aware of how prayer can help me. When you meet people, experience prayer with them and live how Jesus wants you to, you both become the hands and feet of Jesus. When you pray, you are doing the work of the Lord.

Praying with others builds a bridge between God and the people you are praying for. You are taking heartfelt needs and putting them on His altar. It makes both of you closer to God.

I LOVE to pray. Thru this ministry I have become more open to praying for others. I am less afraid. I can now say, “Let me pray for you.” (Even to others who might not be Christians.) I hope to pray more, pray without ceasing. I hope that others may become closer to God by looking at my life and wanting what I have." Chris (Prayer Ministry)

"Prayer is the center of everything. People need prayer. Through prayer we can now boldly say “send me God.” A strong bond is created and we connect through personal experiences and through these connections we get to pray for others. We see God is raising others to prayer and to grow in this ministry. We are growing in like mind, body and soul as a church family." ~Louis & Rosa – Prayer Ministry


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