Current Sermon Series

You’re So Emotional!

“I feel terrible…”
“How do you feel about that?”
“You hurt my feelings!”

When it comes to our emotions, we often feel (no pun intended) that they can be either a great gift…or a great curse.  For Christians, emotions can be troubling, frustrating and untrustworthy.  Some emotions seem deeply spiritual; others can appear downright sinful!  Yet, they are part and parcel of our everyday experience of being human.  And the writers of the Psalms knew this.  Reading through the Psalms means reading through a vast trove of emotions, all of them centered on life with God and the world we live in.  In this sermon series, “You’re So Emotional!”, we’ll be looking through some of these Psalms.  We’ll see how they not only express the emotions we feel…but how God shapes them in ways that glorify Him and keep them from harming us and others.

8/12: You’re So Emotional: Anger (Psalm 79:1-13)
8/19: You’re So Emotional: Fear (Psalm 55:1-5, 16-19, 22)
8/26: You’re So Emotional: Worry (Psalm 91:1-16)
9/2:   You’re So Emotional: Joy (Psalm 33:1-22)