Current Sermon Series

Humanity’s pursuit of righteousness…of “enoughness”…has taken a turn.
Rather than seeking it “at church”, they seek it out in their everyday lives of work, love, parenting, leisure and politics.
But just like any other religion of “do this and that will be enough”,
we discover a trail of frustrations, failures and exhaustion…because we aren’t enough.
But God is. And His grace to us in Jesus is more than enough to say “Enough!”
to our endless climbing of ladders that we’ll never reach the top of.
In this 7 week series, we’ll explore some of those areas of our lives where we end up feeling like we are never enough.
Instead, the grace of Jesus makes us ENOUGH!
9/8/19: Enough…In Your Busyness
9/15: Enough…For The One You Love
9/22: Enough…As A Parent
9/29: Enough…On The Job
10/6: Enough…As You “Rest”
10/13: Enough…When Everything’s Politics