Current Sermon Series

Christmas PRESENCE: Gifts We Receive, Gifts We Give

Christmas is a time for sharing gifts. Some gifts we want; others…not so much. But one common element seems to run through every gift we receive and give: these gifts are something APART from us. A toy…A screen…A piece of clothing…An appliance…they are handed to us, we open them up, smile (or frown) and…eventually put away, forgotten, or no longer matter.


But what if the gift we could give people was US?

What if the gift we could give people would NOT be put away, forgotten or no longer matter?

What if the gift we could give them was not a toy, a screen or a piece of clothing…but HOPE, PEACE, JOY and LOVE?

What if we could give them the gift…of JESUS?


-We will look at Jesus riding into Jerusalem, giving the gift of HOPE.

-We will look at John the Baptist preaching in the wilderness, giving the gift of PEACE.

-We will look at Jesus responding to John’s disciples, giving the gift of JOY.

-We will look at Mary coming to see Elizabeth, giving the gift of LOVE.

-And, in turn, we will discover how Jesus gives us these gifts…and encourages us to give them to everyone…by BEING THE GIFT!


12/2: The Gift of HOPE (Luke 19:28-40)

12/9: The Gift of PEACE (Luke 3:1-17)

12/16: The Gift of JOY (Luke 7:18-28)

12/23: The Gift of LOVE (Luke 1:39-56)