Advent Midweek Sermon Series

New Sermon Series Begins December 5th!

“A Baby Changes Everything”

Once a child is born into the lives of a mother and father, things change in an instant. You no longer can just go out to dinner and a movie. It’s no longer just the “two of us”; now you are a family. And, gradually, this baby becomes woven in the fabric of your very lives. What a challenge! What a joy! What a blessing!


It is no different when that baby born is Jesus Christ. Based on the popular Christmas song “A Baby Changes Everything” sung by music superstar Faith Hill, this series will explore the lives of Mary, Joseph and the shepherds and how the baby Jesus changed their lives…and how He changes ours as well.

12/5: A Baby Changes…Your Priorities (Luke 1:26-38)

12/12: A Baby Changes…Your Relationships (Matthew 1:18-25)

12/19: A Baby Changes…Your Life (Luke 2:8-20)