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If you like to sing … David Christian, Minister of Music
Sandi Geis, Assistant in Music Ministry

We are Easter People … and “Alleluia!” Is Our Song —On Easter Sunday the “Alleluia”, returns to the song of the church. During Lent, that great celebratory word was absent from our communal prayer and praise in order to honor the memory of our Lord’s suffering and death. But today it returns to our holy conversation with each other and with the world. For the next 50 days of Easter, “alleluia” is part of our greeting to each other as we gather for worship.

What we hope and pray for beyond the walls of this building, though, is that our “alleluias” would spill out into our daily lives – that what we sing and say in church would shape our conversation in all the places to which the Spirit of the risen Christ sends us. A popular quote from the ancient church father, St. Augustine is: “A Christian should be an Alleluia from head to foot.” That is, we should reflect a living and active life of praise that is contagious among those with whom we interact.

Tuning our Song— In worship during these 50 days we will sing and speak together strong and repetitive “alleluias,” we will joyfully feast at the table of our Lord and we will extend that “feast of victory” into our community. We will celebrate and remember our baptisms, and this year we do that with our junior confirmands on the Sixth Sunday of Easter, May 5, when they, in our presence, reaffirm their baptismal covenants. That rite of confirmation sends them, and all of us, into the world to be about our baptismal mission. On Mother’s Day, May 12, children from our school lead the song of the church with solos learned for the annual Fine Arts Festival. Their songs join the variety of musical expressions that we sing.

Rehearsing our Song— Our Easter song is not just for Sunday; it is rehearsal for our prayers and conversation throughout the week. Leading that song falls to the people who serve in our choirs and instrumentalist ensembles week after week. If God’s Spirit is leading to join us in the music ministry of this parish, here are some ways:

Senior Choir – rehearses Wednesdays, 7:30 – 9:00p
Praise Singers – rehearses Tuesdays, 7:30 – 8:30p
Sunday School Singers – rehearses during Sunday School and sings several times a year.
Festival Handbells – gathers and rehearses several weeks prior to Christmas and Easter
Instrumental Groups – gathers for church festivals and other times as needed.
Family Theater – rehearses throughout the summer with performances in late August.

Sharing our Song—Our “alleluia” song can be articulated in many ways. It can be spoken in our conversations with others and it can be expressed through visual art, dance, drama and other fine arts. One way we can share our song is through our Fine Arts Camp for children ages 5—14, which will be held this year the week of June 24-28, from 9:00am-12:30pm.




"God & music have always been a part of my life and has always gone hand in hand. God has always guided me through my music. When I was growing up, neighbors were very religious. They wanted to start a band. Not a secular band, a religious one. Ever door God has opened to me has always had music behind it and this has shaped my faith.

Becoming involved in playing drums at St. John’s has made me realize that my faith and trust in God has grown. I know that God will take me where He wants me to be. We were looking, we were lost and God opened St. John’s door.

I now feel a sense of peace and God’s presence when I play. He has given me this gift and wants me to use it for Him. He gave me the door and asked me to take the challenge: Will you walk thru the door? God has built my confidence and He is pushing me to stay grounded and focused on what He wants me to do and where He wants me to be." Mike (Drums)

"From the very first time that I visited St. John’s, I knew that I had finally found the church that I had been searching for. I was immediately struck by the musical abilities of the entire congregation and the way that the music was woven throughout the service. I have been a cantor for nearly 40 years and have never felt so welcomed by a congregation. I was so blessed to be a latecomer involved in the “Joseph” Family Theater Production where again I was so amazed with the talent within St. John’s.

When I joined the Music Ministry, I was warmly welcomed by all. The effect on my life is simply a deep feeling of peace, fellowship, and appreciation. The effect outside of St. John’s is demonstrated by sharing my experience with family and friends. God has blessed me with a pleasant voice and I want to assist the Music Ministry and Church in any way that I can.

It is very profound to me that having been musical since a very early age, it has come full circle in my life. While you never really know what lies ahead, you always know that everything in your life happens in “Gods time”. I have been so blessed to have met my wife through music. This blessing continues to give, in that I now also have her amazing family, her amazing church, and her amazing friends in my life. Through it all, along with God, there is a musical thread. I am sincerely grateful for all these blessings." John (Choir)

"Being involved in choir has been great. I get to know people and create friendships with a common bond over the love of music. Sure beats sitting in a pew on Sundays and not getting involved. The songs we’re learning really stick with you and I find myself walking around singing while I am tutoring. This has opened doors for sharing my faith when they ask me what I am singing about. It’s so easy to reach people through singing. Everyone loves music! "~Kirsten – Music Ministry



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