Christ is Risen!
He is not dead or indifferent to our troubles; He is full of life…

For the dry and broken in spirit;
For the faint of heart and hope;
For the weakened and suffe
ring in body;
For the frightened and doubting.

Christ is Risen!
No matter where you come from, how long you’ve been away, or what you’ve done; He is full of life for you…

The Author of your life;
The Healer of your life
The Meaning of your life;
The Keeper of your Eternal life!

Christ is Risen!
Churches may stumble and offend, yet His work is not dead here;
He is full of life in the Church…

Authenticated in scripture
Appearing in sacrament
Affirmed in sacred community—forgiving, praying, singing, caring
Alive in you… and us… together!

At St. John’s we are living out an Easter mission year-round, committed to being a community where together we can…

Meet Jesus!
Experience the Support of a Church!
Live as His Disciples!

This is our Easter mission 24/7/365. Some of us are immersed in it; some of us are testing the waters; and most of us are somewhere in-between. No one is greater or lesser. We’re all being raised up to Meet-Experience-Live from the place where God has found us. Christ is Risen! And He raises us up from all that is dead to Meet-Experience-Live… here and for eternity.

May this be true for all who gather here and in communities around the world! Amen! Alleluia!


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