by Pastor Bill Geis

“Show me your ways, O Lord…"
 ~Psalm 25:4

This prayer is one I am praying many times a day in my Lenten journey. While this is a prayer for guidance, it is much more. There’s more to God’s “ways” than simply asking for directions. A pastor once told me, “if want to figure out the plan, then get to know the Planner!” “Show me your ways,” is a prayer that asks to Meet Jesus!

This week, I’ve been surrounded by lions. The primary musical for St. John’s is an impressive and compelling drama of the Biblical story of Daniel. I’ve watched our kids rehearse and share the story on Grandparents Day at St. John’s School. They are really good! I especially like the lions. Their entry into the story is filled with humorous lines that neutralize their bite. We can laugh with the lions because we know story. God rescued Daniel from a pit of death. The way of the lion is to devour; but God’s ways always trump “the lions.”

The truth is, we’re all in the lions den. There is more in the drama for us to see. It’s not only Daniel’s story. It is our story. The Bible says, “Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” (1 Peter 5:8). That’s the fact. It’s proved in our experiences. For every time we pray, “Show me your ways, O Lord,” the devil finds a way to pounce on us. As I witnessed the children’s drama, they taught me to laugh at my enemy. I am, after all, a child of God. I belong to Someone greater. So do you. When the lions growl, they summon us to prayer once more, “Show me your ways.” 

So where are your lions? Maybe they are roaring in your face right now. Maybe they are lying in hiding looking for that moment of your weakness. Wherever they are right now, God plans for you to Meet Jesus next to the lions. He’s positioned the cross between you and those hairy problems. Jesus died and rose again to shut their mouths. And you… he said, should “take up the cross,” carry around your faith wherever you go to silence the foe and laugh in the face of our adversaries. The way of the cross declaws the lion and adds meat to our faith. This little prayer invites me to Meet Jesus, the lion tamer, “Show me your ways, O Lord.”

Midweek Lenten Evenings: Wednesdays during Lent offer us a time to practice “Holy Habits” that keep the cross between us and the Lions. This Wednesday evening we welcome Dr. Rich Bimler, author of the booklet we’ve bee sharing at St. John’s, “Holy Habits.” I want to encourage you to join us for our fellowship meal (6:00p) and worship (7:00p) in this weekly journey. This is another opportunity to pray together, “Show me your ways, O Lord!” 

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