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A Devotional Journey for Lent 2011
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Fifth Week in Lent
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April 24

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April 14, 2011

Preparing for a Trip to Eternity


Matthew 24:1-25


“Watch out that no one deceives you.”  (v. 4)

My husband George and I like to travel. Getting ready is always a great education, but prior to any trip, as we read about the destination chosen, we have many questions about what it will be like. Will it be safe? Will we have a good experience? Will we be with a compatible group? Are we prepared?

In Matthew 24, Jesus describes the end of our earthly world, and warns his disciples of what will happen before His final Coming. As hard as it is to imagine our world not being here, though we’ve been told that day will come “someday,” we must prepare our hearts and minds as though it will happen tomorrow. For those of us who are “planners,” being caught unprepared is unthinkable. Isn’t it just as unthinkable not to be prepared for our face-to-face meeting with our God?

Many horrendous, frightening events are happening in our world, from natural disasters to political and social upheavals. Are any of these what Christ foretold? The simple answer is, we just don’t know. As a Girl Scout, I was taught to “be prepared.” This was Jesus’ advice, too, to His followers 2000 years ago. So how does one prepare for the unknowable? We weren’t emailed an itinerary for heaven or given passports, except those in our hearts. We don’t, however, have to worry about our trip costs, which were paid in full on Good Friday.

Christ warned His disciples that rumor and speculation would be rife, and we are certainly seeing the predicted “nation rising against nation” and person against person. But He also promised that, at the end of the journey, we would reap the salvation He promised to those who endure. Jesus showed His disciples Solomon’s temple, and told them that no stone would be left standing on another. Much of that temple is already destroyed, leaving only the Western (Wailing) Wall. Here, Jews (and curious Christians) come to pray or watch as worshippers place prayers written on scraps of paper into crevices between the stones still standing. They won’t always be!

Prayer Dear Lord, We pray that you will find us ready whenever that time comes for an unimaginable journey—to be with You, our Lord!

Barbara Birmingham